Dream State

Dream State - Recover UNFD 10 Year Anniversary Vinyl Solace Blue

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Release Date: 21st January 2022 / Shipping late May 2022

Limited edition 12" vinyl with full size booklet.

The granulate used to make these records is made on a calcium sink base which is the most eco-friendly in today’s market.

The vinyl package was manufactured using recycled materials and its carbon footprint offset upon completion."
Features the full Recovery EP plus four bonus live tracks from Dream State's Maida Vale session

1. White Lies
2. In This Hell
3. Help Myself
4. Solace
5. New Waves
1. Hand In Hand (Live At Maida Vale)
2. New Waves (Live At Maida Vale)
3. Solace (Live At Maida Vale)
4. White Lies (Live At Maida Vale)"

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